S. R. Consultants have designed projetcs in all the major segment... Valuation for various taxation and other requirements... Welcome to S. R. Consultants, Aurangabad Welcome to S. R. Consultants, Aurangabad

Philosophy & Approach
Our Philosophy

S. R. Consultant is a firm which design efficient, optimized and economical structures. We proficiently accept the challenges in the ever developing field of structural engineering. We provide high quality professional service to our clients in order to fulfill their imagination and requirement.

We perceptively apply advanced technologies for relevant conditions to suffice the needs of different economic class. We approach to a problem with a motive to achieve most feasible solution and work accordingly. Our aim is to reach the perfection and we chase to reach the excellence.

Our Approach

       To identify the unique needs and specific aims of clients.
       To identify the most appropriate options for the client.
       Value for Money Approach.
       Continuous assessment of design at all stages of structural development.

The S. R. Consultant team approaches each project by carefully scrutinizing the client’s specification and architectural design. We recommend various structural, engineering and cost effective alternatives for the execution of their requirements. We apply engineering approach to overcome the technical problems that come our way.

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